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Incarnational Approaches to the Japanese People using House Church Strategies

Mitsuo Fukuda : Rethinking Authentic Christianity Network「RAC Network」

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5. Conclusion

How can we release the biotic growing potential that God has given us? Some spiritualistic thinkers insist that we should throw away all institutional structures. However, for the healthy multiplication of churches, some simple and reproducible structures like participatory Bible studies and other house church strategies are needed. These structures should not be complicated and administrative, but simple, organic, family-like, relational and spontaneous, where ordinary people have direct access to God.


In these structures the most contextualized forms of Christianity can be developed. Although house church multiplication has not yet taken place in Japan, some cutting-edge experiments are being conducted, and hopefully, in the near future, a new breed of churches will emerge in the real-life settings of life in Japan.